Welcome to Firestick Subs!
Thank you for using the Firestick Subs services. We are glad to have you guys!.

By using our service you agree with our term so please read on carefully.

About Firestick Subs products
Firestick Subs offer IPTV Subscription with more than 1000+ channels.

We provide 1 type of service: Personal only.

Sharing account
Sharing Firestick Subs subscription is prohibited. We allow only one or two active streams (depending upon your subscription) to open at any given time.

If we see your account is shared on the internet, you use more than one connection or use your personal subscription to restream. Your account will be banned.

To use more than one device at a time you can buy or add more devices to your subscriptions.

Quality of channels
There are many elements that affect the channel quality such as your internet speed, your location, the device and the app that you use and the content source.

As a client using IPTV service you should know IPTV service can not be stable all the time, we can not make any guarantees about the content. On our side, we will keep servers stable and will find new sources for the channels that not good enough.

If you have any issue with the content quality you can contact us.

VPN or Proxy usage
You can use our service with a VPN, we do not lock your account with IP but please remember do not use 2 accounts (For 1 device subscription) or 3 or more accounts (For 2 devices subscriptions).

Unsupported regions
We do not support clients who live in Vietnam.

Channels and movies (VOD) library
The number of channels and movies in the VOD library can be changed based on the updates we do every week.

We also delete bad VODs, channels that do not work and can not be fixed.

About Terms and Conditions
We may modify our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy at any time we see it is needed, with or without notice to the client. You should look at the terms regularly. If you do not agree to the modified terms for a Service, you would recommend discontinuing using our services.

Just with a stable network, you can watch all television programs, on any device, anywhere, anytime you want!. No limits!.