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Shoaib Ahmed

Great customer support, great quality streaming service. Firestick Subs IPTV also has a wide variety of available TV channels. They always respond quickly to emails and technical problems can mostly be resolved on the same day.

Juan Carlos

excellent service. presque toute les chaines du monde sont la, ça bug pas,je recommande fortement.

Steven King

I placed a review about Firestick subs last week which was not very complimentary. I have to say that I sorted the issues myself which I am slightly embarrassed about it as much as the problem was using my Smart IPTV service on my TV's which were not connected to a VPN. Since dispensing with the SmartIPTV app and using Kodi behind a VPN my service has now become stable (Lesson for everyone here I think)


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    Using the service for a year and like it. Whenever any problem appears the customer care works properly.

    Eddy Tucker

    I first tried their 72 hours trial and I say I am impressed. You guys provide the best services!.